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The rip off - Canibus - Teksty Piosenek

    The rip off

    {crowd chanting}
    Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus
    Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus, Can-i-bus [2x]

    [Hook: 2x]
    Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
    Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
    Can I rip it? (Yes you can!)
    Well I'm gone (Ohhhhhh!)

    [Verse 1]
    Yo, my brain races to create these lyrical mosaics like paintings
    To me record store and art galleries are merely the same thing
    I feel like I'm Rembrandt and my man Van Gogh is amazin
    Canibus is not some average rap patron, have patience
    I went through changes, not being with the majors and all
    'Til my man Louie Lombard gave me a call
    and talked about some other way to cake off
    I thought hmmm.. I could make more, he said "Sure"
    "I could put you in about three thousand stores,
    and get at least fifty thousand orders"
    "Maybe more 'Bus, who knows your fanbase is emormous"
    Well of course, look who I've toured with; Wyclef
    I didn't sell twenty million cuz it wasn't my time yet
    I'm satisfied with the line up I rhyme with
    Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, and Rakim
    Including future superstars I've worked with thus far
    Like Free, from 106 and Park
    You need to understand somethin; 'Bus is raw
    Raw to the floor, raw like reservoirs,
    Auger mechanical mandible jaws, split you in half
    Addicted to rippin jackers, but I rip a jackass
    Before we battle, there's two questions I have to ask
    Are you carrying any firearms, and did you pack your bags?
    Cool, cuz I'ma make you feel real bad
    And I'ma make you so mad, you'll probably spazz
    I can see you tryna get me like they got Biggie
    Somewhere in the city, on a pretty day when I dressed in Jiggy
    And I got security with me
    I'll give you a buck-fifty so quickly,
    you won't even know that ya nose dripping
    So much blood on the floor, you might as well be pretending
    to be mudwrestling a dozen bitches PMSing
    Sounds kinda tempting, doesn't it?
    Dissing me wasn't really worth it, was it?
    I'm buggin, I know a lot of y'all loved it
    and tryed to convince the public to safe bug this
    But just think, I played y'all like a bunch of puppets
    You play Russian Roulette with a musket,
    and got busted in your own nugget
    A twenty-one gun salute with no bullets and no trumpets
    While the rain pours and the storm thunders
    Your rotten carcass smells so pungent, it turns my stomach
    Attracts the buzzards, on Fox Eyewitness News coverage
    Rip the Jacker's on the loose in London,
    he slipped through US customs and flew to Dublin
    Frontin as a janitor in a school or somethin
    Workin for little or nothin, I'm warnin you DON'T TRUST HIM
    He's a complete risk to the American public
    And don't ever call the law cuz he thinks he's above it
    Let's get one thing straight; you can't touch him,
    Outsmart him, out muscle him, or out hustle him
    You can't beat 'em - join 'em, you can't join 'em - fuck 'em
    Can-I-Bus, either ya hate him or ya love him

    [Hook: 2x]

    [Verse 2]
    Yeah yeah, I seen you at Ruby Tuesday's
    With a toupee, talkin on ya two-way -- you look gay
    Nigga I don't give a fuck about the games you play
    I gnaw on ya bones 'til my teeth turn blue-gray
    Or turn yellow like I ain't brushed in a few days
    And the blood starts to taste like red toothpaste
    Nigga this ain't communion and that ain't Kool-Aid
    Delicacies the FDA won't approve in the states
    Like a little witche's brew in your vanilla latte
    Or perhaps Filet of Dog in a Malaysian cafe
    If I was a cook I would probably take a half day
    Clock out and never come back, you keep the back pay
    That's some metaphorical shit, all you have A
    Is that why all you weirdos all attracted to me?
    Look at yourself, why you even listen to me?
    Listen to yourself, your constantly dissin me
    Well listen to this bitch, get off my D
    If you don't think that I'm the illest, that's cool I don't agree
    I proved myself, time and time again
    Grippin mics like Heinekens, who want me to rhyme again?
    You could never expire the fire within
    Killin me with a gun is easy, try a pen
    For the use it was intended
    I don't like to be the one to start the drama nigga,
    but I know how to end it
    Kill yourself I'll take the credit - get it?
    You see that way, things couldn't work out more pleasant

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